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Editorial Senior Photo session in the U City Loop
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What to Expect

Graduation is an exciting chapter that you will love looking back on through your photo story collection. Beautiful Mess Photography is known for artistic storytelling. I have been capturing people's story worthy moments for in St. Louis and across the U.S., for over 15 years.

Senior sessions are photographed in editorial, candid style. It is a walk and talk photographic interview. Talking about your interests and accomplishments during the session, brings out your personality. Your gallery will include a range of wide, medium and close up shots, candid and formal.

Choose from the many brilliant St. Louis locations for the backdrop of your senior pictures. For all of our photo sessions, we like to look for places that might have meaning for you, such as places your frequent or your neighborhood. I am also happy to suggest locations that I know will be unique and have good lighting.

Seniors can choose 2-4 outfits, depending on which collection you choose. I recommend styles that help you feel confident and comfortable. Dressier wardrobe is often paired with urban, architectural backgrounds. More casual outfits look great in natural or green space settings.